self-sustainability goals, cocktails, & brevity of life

Daydreaming today.  I can’t keep my mind on my work.  Maybe it’s because I don’t care about my work today.  Today, the pre-programmed course in front of me just seems…unfit.  Could be my Sagittarian way, you know...always flitting about, here then there, then here again, then far out of sight.  The mere potentiality that this is what I must do for the rest of my youth because this is what pays the bills and this is what pays for what I want to do…is horrifying and deeply depressing.  Must I slave away and restrain everything inside me for the chance at one tiny grain of Dublin, a Liverpool crumb, a breath of Amsterdam?  Even then, I am only allowed to stay for 2 weeks, because they need me here, in this.  I’m [the best receptionist we’ve ever had].  I’m [a breath of fresh air].  I [put people in a good mood].  I’m [so popular].

I’m making goals, now.  Real ones.  I must reach and maintain complete and, yes, even utter self-sustainability.  More languages, portable skills, adaptable disposition (check) and a weathered/seasoned sense of humor.

Currently reading >> Imbibe! by David Wondrich.
‘From absinthe cocktail to whiskey smash, a salute in stories and drinks to “Professor” Jerry Thomas, pioneer of the American bar. Featuring the original formulae for 100 classic American drinks and a selection of new drinks contributed in his honor by the leading mixologists of our time.’

Thoroughly enjoying the rich history and stories of the cultural development and gradual permeation of the Mint Julep into America, and the adventures of the trailblazers and risk-takers who brought it into its own.

Last week, my aunt Tammy (dear soul that she was), at the tender age of 39, graduated this planet and moved to her new house in His neighborhood.  I'm still in shock.  I went to Kansas for the service.  More on that later.

People.  People are important.  Sometimes I need frequent reminding of that.  This is one of those times.


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