headlamps & [almost] secret assignments

Headlamps; good for finding things, like a 1/1000 puzzle piece under the pub table (almost left it behind. disaster averted.). It only slightly tousles the hair, and really only enough to give it a bit more body, which is always a plus in my book. Big = better. It seems to fit my style in a way it doesn't fit the styles of those who are expected to have big hair (hello, Texans). "Big" means "wild" when it comes to hair, and I think that description is proper for me.

Headlamps are also good for reading on nightly road trips, when one is reading and wishes not to disturb sleeping travelling buddies. They're so much more mobile than those flimsy book light clips that one must tediously readjust with every page turned. Not the case with a headlamp. Your light moves with your head, so your line of vision is consistently illuminated. I'm all about efficiency.

I've given myself a secret [for now] task in lieu of New Year's Resolutions. It requires broadening my horizons and expanding my knowledge base in general (and specific) things. Taking the moments I would have otherwise discarded and turning them to coffee shop confessions and late-night world-changing. It is called The Considerable Assignment, and there will be more on that later.

The main thing on my mind lately is being in a snow-covered cabin with a wood-burning stove and hot toddies and deerskins and drafty windows and more brandy and the people I love and a lot of scones. Bookshelves a-plenty, too, and loaded. And definitely no internet connection, please. There are cabins where mountain rangers stop in for temporary shelter, and the state economizes by renting the places out by the night for unbelievable rates to solitude-seekers who aren't fazed by electricity- and water-free housing. This one used to be a blacksmith shop somewhere around the 1880s. It's the first on my list of potentialities, cabin-wise.

A parting thought that may prove useful in a pinch - empty elevator cars are quite useful for practicing twirls, pirouettes, and jazz hands. They are also a swell solution for stiff muscles that cry out, "We want blood! Give us blood now!" Just do a couple of jumping jacks (or wacky jacks, if you're feeling froggy) and you'll feel right as rain. Your muscles (and blood) will thank you. Also, your exuberant, panting, heart-racing appearance will create a mystery for every bug-eyed wonderer who has the good fortune of being the first one to see you as those elevator doors open. Just imagine what fun could be had... they won't be able to sleep tonight, kept awake by this question: "What would cause a girl to breathe so heavily after a simple ride on the lift? How very odd that was..."

What fun, indeed.

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