hospitality + local brews + striped shirts. a combination of days.

Nuts and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for breakfast.  Dark Roast.

The cot was an unexpectedly wise purchase, and has come in handy more than a few times.  I enjoy having a guest stay over on occasion.

You never quite know what you're going to get on the phone at the office.  Crazy week.  A firm client said we should have lunch sometime, his reasoning being that we speak on the phone so much.  (He means how I transfer him to his attorney so much.)  Something delightful and subtly challenging about requiring so little as an excuse for a real person-to-person visit.

There’s a little big joint on the corner of Sheridan and Oklahoma Avenue called Bricktown Brewery.  I went there yesterday with my fiancĂ© for lunch (there are so many bar scenes in my own backyard that I have yet to experience) out of pure curiosity.  Buck’s Bourbon Burger and a sample sip of Blueberry Ale.  Not even joking.  Best.  

I met a high school friend of my Lover's with his bride-to-be today, over a Mexican meal.  Conversation thick with genuine jokes and hints at seriousness.  Tattoos and expectant smiles (she's expecting twins).  We laughed the entire time.  

I'd forgotten how fun it is to make new friends in person.  And then, the journey of getting to know someone over a course of time is such an adventure.  I'd like to have one such adventure once a week, at the bare minimum.

Wide-eyed and pursed-lipped chillens brought sincere attempts at politeness, tumbles, and frozen yogurt toothy smiles.  

Many, many blue shirts today: gingham, stripes, solids, colorblocks.  It makes me happy to see such good taste in fashion roaming about this state of mine.  Inspiration walked past me in a soft white tee, a navy skirt with aqua dots, a camel-tobacco belt and matched-color leather sandals.  You're doing fine, Oklahoma.

Tammy Lucille Buhler

Mother, daughter, sister (twin).  Aunt.  My aunt Tammy.

April 30th she passed.  I have remained in shock for quite some time.  This was completely unexpected.

I traveled to Kansas for the funeral/memorial.  Her son (my cousin), Trenton, was there; I embraced him with such a severe lack of words.  Nothing but tears, really.  I met his wife, Jolene, of 8 months for the first time.  Sweet, sweet girl.

Grandma, Grandpa, aunt Terry (Tammy's twin), uncle Donald, Dad, uncle Curtis, aunt LaJean.  Many new relationships, many steadfast couples.  Cousins are so tall these days.

Slightly awkward, not knowing how to make light-hearted "how are yous" and "what's keeping you busy latelys".  The see-saw decisiveness between consolation and distraction...  There should be cue cards for these kinds of things.  What is there to say that hasn't been already said, anyway?  I know you need to process this; I know you need to get your mind off of this procession.  "I love you?", as I wrap my invisible arms around you, and wonder if you can hear me over the absence of her voice.

Understanding.  Compassionate.  Inquisitive.  Generous.  Hearty.  Joy-filled.  Patient.  Tender.  Tammy.

Jolts of electric and rude reminder - just when you think you've got time, you don't.  Not enough, anyway.  Mis-arranged to-do lists seem like such trivial mistakes.  At the time.

Driving up to Elgin myself for the first time showed me how easy it is.  We'll spend time on what we attribute the most value to - it is inescapable.  Upon recent review, my record sits uneasily with me.

Tammy.  My aunt Tammy.  You were loved, and always will be.


self-sustainability goals, cocktails, & brevity of life

Daydreaming today.  I can’t keep my mind on my work.  Maybe it’s because I don’t care about my work today.  Today, the pre-programmed course in front of me just seems…unfit.  Could be my Sagittarian way, you know...always flitting about, here then there, then here again, then far out of sight.  The mere potentiality that this is what I must do for the rest of my youth because this is what pays the bills and this is what pays for what I want to do…is horrifying and deeply depressing.  Must I slave away and restrain everything inside me for the chance at one tiny grain of Dublin, a Liverpool crumb, a breath of Amsterdam?  Even then, I am only allowed to stay for 2 weeks, because they need me here, in this.  I’m [the best receptionist we’ve ever had].  I’m [a breath of fresh air].  I [put people in a good mood].  I’m [so popular].

I’m making goals, now.  Real ones.  I must reach and maintain complete and, yes, even utter self-sustainability.  More languages, portable skills, adaptable disposition (check) and a weathered/seasoned sense of humor.

Currently reading >> Imbibe! by David Wondrich.
‘From absinthe cocktail to whiskey smash, a salute in stories and drinks to “Professor” Jerry Thomas, pioneer of the American bar. Featuring the original formulae for 100 classic American drinks and a selection of new drinks contributed in his honor by the leading mixologists of our time.’

Thoroughly enjoying the rich history and stories of the cultural development and gradual permeation of the Mint Julep into America, and the adventures of the trailblazers and risk-takers who brought it into its own.

Last week, my aunt Tammy (dear soul that she was), at the tender age of 39, graduated this planet and moved to her new house in His neighborhood.  I'm still in shock.  I went to Kansas for the service.  More on that later.

People.  People are important.  Sometimes I need frequent reminding of that.  This is one of those times.


good times on the friday before last

Lover took me greenhouse browsing.  We kissed in the tiny rock cove that was anything but hidden.  We touched cacti.  We saw the governor.  We climbed.  We smelled.  We smelled a LOT of things.  Night time is a brilliant time to see the Crystal Bridge at the Myriad Gardens, if you can ever catch them when they're open that late.

Work is so often at the forefront of our lives that it's often difficult to take an evening and not speak a word of it, speaking instead of beauty, of the varieties of people we watch, of traveling, of God, and of fine wines.  We're improving at this.  Friday showed it.

Don't waste your time on anyone who has poor taste in entertainment, ladies and gents.  Be that literature, film, theatre plays, music, cuisine, alcohol, cigars, or whatnot.  Life is too short.


revelries on the saturday before last

Breaching futile workplace boundaries.  Devin invited us to come out to see his band on Saturday night.  Soliciting fandom from your customers, now are you, Sir Barista?  Glad you did.  VZD's.  11pm.

There was a fantastical 1.5-seconds-to-go shot by KD for the Thunder win.  There was much thunder and rain outside.  There was a dancing astronaut.  There was a one-and-a-half pint jug of Red Stripe (a Jamaican lager, for those not in the know).  There was more dancing.  There was the precautionary removal of 4" suede wedges.  There was a mid-aged woman whose dancing prime must have been in the seventies, but somehow she'd managed to bring it with her all the way to 2012.  There was music that made you laugh and head bang at the same time.  There was Dr. Pants.

I'd gone shopping that day and had come back with:
1. a little black dress that twirls like you wouldn't believe
2. a navy & white striped sailor tank
3. a sturdy/soft pink oxford shirt from J. Crew that I'm so scared to wash for fear it'll lose its newness, but yet confident it will age so much more than gracefully.
The store clerk complimented my sister and I on our manners and sweet attitudes.  Haven't gotten that one since I was little and people were saying it to my parents, or since Mister Gee said it at a Christmas Conference some odd years ago.

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