reinterpreting 'luxury'

This concept has always been different to me than it is portrayed by large companies and dramatic commercials to be. Diamond rings...sure. Aston Martin...ok. But as this new year is budding open, I am slowing down. I mean physically slowing my movements and speech. I want to notice each tiny twitch, enjoy each slight intonation. Having all of my senses intact is a luxury.

At this more leisurely pace, and with this renewed focus, some things are becoming clearer than ever in my life. Luxury lies where you deem it to.

- oysters
- vibrantest citrus fruit
- real whipped cream
- artisan bread
- aged, stinky cheese
- wine, whiskey, scotch, gin
- almond extract, rose water
- fresh kale
- a fiery stove
- a fiery hearth
- poetry
- pleasure reading
- free time
- lengthy meals
- lazy mornings
- breakfast in bed
- large windows
- soft skin
- clear skin
- long, naturally-curly hair
- an immune system of steel
- legs that take you places
- a flattering dress
- a single saltwater pearl
- woolen blankets
- red candles
- a hot water bottle
- a steady job, steady pay
- car-sharing (definitely luxurious)
- floral-scented gum
- buying flowers and greenery
- a home with space for yoga
- a neighborhood to feel safe in
- a balcony
- traveling the globe

Privileged, grateful, watchful I step into this fresher skin, more raw now, more vulnerable. A little bit of luxury is to be had every singular day, if you know what luxury is.


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