hospitality + local brews + striped shirts. a combination of days.

Nuts and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for breakfast.  Dark Roast.

The cot was an unexpectedly wise purchase, and has come in handy more than a few times.  I enjoy having a guest stay over on occasion.

You never quite know what you're going to get on the phone at the office.  Crazy week.  A firm client said we should have lunch sometime, his reasoning being that we speak on the phone so much.  (He means how I transfer him to his attorney so much.)  Something delightful and subtly challenging about requiring so little as an excuse for a real person-to-person visit.

There’s a little big joint on the corner of Sheridan and Oklahoma Avenue called Bricktown Brewery.  I went there yesterday with my fiancé for lunch (there are so many bar scenes in my own backyard that I have yet to experience) out of pure curiosity.  Buck’s Bourbon Burger and a sample sip of Blueberry Ale.  Not even joking.  Best.  

I met a high school friend of my Lover's with his bride-to-be today, over a Mexican meal.  Conversation thick with genuine jokes and hints at seriousness.  Tattoos and expectant smiles (she's expecting twins).  We laughed the entire time.  

I'd forgotten how fun it is to make new friends in person.  And then, the journey of getting to know someone over a course of time is such an adventure.  I'd like to have one such adventure once a week, at the bare minimum.

Wide-eyed and pursed-lipped chillens brought sincere attempts at politeness, tumbles, and frozen yogurt toothy smiles.  

Many, many blue shirts today: gingham, stripes, solids, colorblocks.  It makes me happy to see such good taste in fashion roaming about this state of mine.  Inspiration walked past me in a soft white tee, a navy skirt with aqua dots, a camel-tobacco belt and matched-color leather sandals.  You're doing fine, Oklahoma.


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