love over fear

The art of convincing is a tricky one. There's manipulation, there's preaching, there's the friendly nudge, there's heartfelt imploring, and more I won't try to think of right now.

More and more, as I am exposed to deeper, bigger, and more...um...colorful [yes - perfect word] sides of life, I see that love is a POWERFUL motivator. Who wants your Bible and your church when they can have LOVE, anyway?

To be told that who one is isn't good enough implies that the person spoken to can do something about their goodness. And still you say, from the other side of your mouth, "There is none righteous, no, not one."

Every time someone tells me they never want to see another Christian again, I feel heated...my sinuses burn, eyelids fill, heart falls. W h a t . H a v e . W e . D o n e ...?

(((The above eight sentences are what currently motivate me to keep burning, because...even an angry passion, when funneled into decisive action, can set mountains of pride ablaze, with all their flippant disregard turned back-ward falling embers, whose glow can't help but enter, disappearing, into our memories as nothing BUT. God meant so much more for this planet --- guess what, hands and feet? You don't know your own strength. Will you rend us away from Love, or will you pull us toward? We long for HOME: a place to come and be embraced for who we were MADE TO BE...to be protected, be fed, given rest. We are building these homes, staggering friends with music, and music with prayer; on-the-job injuries were inevitable from the beginning. If you can do nothing but tie down our hands and force us to watch our almost-homes crumble beneath your wrecking ball, then please: go play in the sandbox; those castles were meant to fall.)))

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