swimming in the marigolds

I used to plant marigold seeds and keep them in the bathroom window. Watching this thing live was a wonder – it bent its tiny stems toward the glass and fairly pressed its leave onto it, like a child looking into a toy store.

My latest horticultural endeavor is merely to provide life support to the miniature rose bush I was given on the 14th. It is staying well-watered, but I’m afraid it’s dying for lack of sunlight. I moved them to the conference room window. Hoping the thorny stems will bend as easily as the marigolds did.

I’ve decided it’s time to buy a bathing suit, and one I love so much I want to wear it all the time under my oxford shirts and everything. A necessary item :: perfect fit. I must not fall out of my bathing suit.

After making a faux budget for my time, it appears I have more time to read than expected. Currently arranging the reading list. Making goals for the year.

Speaking of budgets, I also determined that I can put 777 dollars per month into my savings account. That should be enough for Europe in about 6 months. Plenty of time.

I've got that itch for a meaty theological discussion. A start might be: No more categorizing people via Christianity, folks. It's got to stop. God doesn't separate people out in His head; neither should we. He relates with each one specifically and exactly, and speaks to them accordingly.

Time for weight-lifting.

| words for today |

+always carry a book

+less creamer in my coffee, less sugar

+dresses are so much easier
+tousled updo

+C.S. Lewis


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