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Personal style and choosing an outfit for one's day or for an event completely changes one's attitude. It is also determined by one's attitude. The circle of life. You know.

That said, I find it quite distressing that people resign themselves to adopting a generationally-dictated style when they reach middle-age. Some even give up their stylistic preferences at the age of 26, citing "practicality" and "grown-up-ness". Outrageous. Also note: Comfort/movability and swimmingly good style are not mutually exclusive, despite all the evidence to the contrary on our sidewalks today.

Here I am to dash those standards to smithereens, and affirm my decision to take my own personality-reflective style to my grave. I'll also offer some inspiration for those who are discouraged by the societal norms for day-to-day senior-wear.

Today's topic is Beatrix Ost: author / visual artist / actress / film and theatre producer / designer. She is snazzy and wears turbans a lot.

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artists whose work currently fascinates me :: vivienne strauss

vivienne strauss // oil paintings
poise. relationships. high society. inner musings. french faces. mythology. encounters with animals.


awakened by color

Color is affecting me in large ways, and giving me ideas of art and music and travel. Distinct combinations and contrasting pairs are making me ponder, daydream, and build castles in the sky. Enrapturing discovery.

Eloi Gimeno
(source unknown)
Sheila Hicks via The Latest Story
Roost Blog
1807 house paint colors. (source unknown)
Mark Rothko
Emma Leonard
(source unknown)
Walter Giordano


cliffside view | 04.15.2013

The White Cliffs of Dover (image via The Family of Paul Gass)
Credit: ©between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900 Detroit Publishing Company. Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division [reproduction number LC-DIG-ppmsc-08355]


cliffside view | 04.08.2013

Today's black beauty of Scotland brought to you by Harry Cory Wright from his 'Place in Mind' series, via Condé Nast Traveller

Choose your own adventure.


what i saw on route 9

In riding the 9 to the art supply store on Saturday, I came across a great many things which all deserve a spot of light, in their own unique, yet somehow related, ways. When life forces you out of your habitual car and into public transit, you see things with a new set of eyes.

Here are the wonders I beheld on a 6-mile bus ride down Reno:

-A squiggly stream running down and through an uneven, grassy green lot. The stream ran under a bridge, which we crossed. There were tiny flowers all around. It looked like I could have been in Narnia, flying over in a biplane. I imagined it so.
 -A round, rusted-over metal plate in the ground with “INFO” painted on it in white paint. I wondered what information would be so over-conspicuously placed that it seemed, in fact, inconspicuous. Mysterious.
 -A great many piles of retired cars in front of a powder-blue garage. I wished I could learn auto mechanics from those dark men with even darker hands. Or at least ask for their leftover blue paint. It was an ethereal kind of color. 
-A very large diesel tank that pulled up next to us. It was right in my face. This close.
-A brickyard, which made me think of someone, a man, who said, “Yow! What do you have in that purse, bricks?”, to someone else, a lady, who replied, “Yes. I pick them up as I find them throughout the day; they’re for my garden path. It's a work in progress. Sorry about your head.” I keep thinking this is either Anita of 100 Dalmatians, or Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail, but I know I'm wrong. 
-A square-ish cluster of trees. If they had been in a frame, you'd have thunk you were in a forest. It was a forest to me.
-Another stream that was shallow, with grasses and little weed growths peering through the surface of the water in parts. It may as well have been an African river.

I wore a charcoal tee, black jersey leggings, a metropolitan silver-grey jersey jacket with a spiffy stand-up collar, and capable brown leather sandals (so I could run in case I got mugged, of course). 

Over-sized, lightweight tote bags seem to be a necessity when you're a commuter. You need easy access to your goods at all times while staying able to carry no less than your purse, at least one book (count on it being a hard-back), market flowers, trail mix, maps, paint brushes, and pipe tobacco. For 7 hours at a time. The fake canvas bag from the library already has a hole in it. No doubt it was the baguette what did 'er in.


cliffside view | 04.01.2013

I'll be doing this thing where I show you a cliff on each Monday. Cliffs are beautiful, breathtaking, hope-spurring, and dream-inspiring. Here is today's specimen.

Lizard Pointe, Cornwall, U.K.
(photograph via Old Pictures)


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