good times on the friday before last

Lover took me greenhouse browsing.  We kissed in the tiny rock cove that was anything but hidden.  We touched cacti.  We saw the governor.  We climbed.  We smelled.  We smelled a LOT of things.  Night time is a brilliant time to see the Crystal Bridge at the Myriad Gardens, if you can ever catch them when they're open that late.

Work is so often at the forefront of our lives that it's often difficult to take an evening and not speak a word of it, speaking instead of beauty, of the varieties of people we watch, of traveling, of God, and of fine wines.  We're improving at this.  Friday showed it.

Don't waste your time on anyone who has poor taste in entertainment, ladies and gents.  Be that literature, film, theatre plays, music, cuisine, alcohol, cigars, or whatnot.  Life is too short.


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