trains, clouds, and a thunder brew

I love hearing the whistles as they blaze by. Kamp's 1910 is right on the railroad tracks. My biscuits and gravy are aptly named "Derailed", as they're loaded with eggs, green and white onion, cheese and sausage, conveniently deviating from the minimal standard of white peppered gravy and flaky crusts.

It's such a humid and cloudy day, and I'm a little surprised not to have seen any fallen trees yet. The storm last night was supposed to be "unprecedented", to use an ironic buzz word of our current day. Apparently there was a tornado on the ground in Norman last night; tonight is supposed to be just as exciting. All we got here was thunder, lightning, and erratic showers.

The Thunder brew (again with the irony) is caramel flavored here, and I failed to take this into account when I added my near-whole packet of raw sugar. I just can't take such sweetness anymore, having weaned myself off of the excessive sugar and creamer I took in my younger days. Sugar is for brownies, for blueberry coffee cake, for homemade ice cream, for peach pies. I like to enjoy my flavors separately, one at a time, not blended. I want to taste two flavors in two distinct places on my tongue rather than take two flavors and make a new one. Maybe that means I'm old-fashioned?

There comes a time when one has to begin making purchases meant to last a long (life) time. List of purchases to make:
  • sleeping bag and mat
  • real hiking boots
  • waterproof jacket with removable warm lining
  • compass
  • cookware
  • tent
  • more to be determined


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