of humidors, roller-blading, and the sun

Jubilation! How unexpected!

I hadn't bladed in a good eight or nine years. And these skates had yet to be broken in. Well, a second-hand store donor had done their part in this, good and well. However, none of my bruises or scrapes had memories tied to this pair yet. "Chaaaange...is gon' come..." It did. I fell. But not even due to a lack of skating skill -- I was feeling quite accomplished for having just skated up a hill, and decided to perch myself upon a stump that was, I discovered, just a tad too tall for my 5'2" frame. Consequence: a tender
derrière and a heightened sense of and appreciation for, well, my height. My uphill victory remained with me, though, and I dare say I won't ever attempt to excuse my way out of a physical challenge of this sort again.

The sun rewarded me handsomely for my efforts to look natural on a pair of blades. My arms, shoulders and face now have a bright, rosy glow, which I couldn't be happier with.

Lover has this thing for a stout Arturo Fuente, of the Short Story variety. We found a smoke shop on the way to lunch from the lake (where my pavement-cruising escapades transpired). His voice changed, took on a higher pitch, a quicker rhythm. Seeing him excited gives me the chills. The sea foam green eyes dance like pups tumbling after a baseball in the grass. He doesn't even need to try to enchant the smiles out of me. The shop owner showed us around. I learned what Cavendish is.
[The smell of the vanilla cavendish right before the sturdy English blends of tobacco sat with me as a lovely couple.] I learned (though not yet by experience) that pipe-smoking is a little dangerous on the tongue, heat-wise. I learned that I just may really, really fancy this as a hobby someday.

I bought Argan oil hair products. I have to say, my hair is incredibly soft for using the shampoo and leave-in conditioning creme, and the curls continue even now to remain separate. Let me tell you, that is not an easy feat, unless you are of the wet-look persuasion, and don't mind the crunch that comes with a gel styling. My dollar has been well spent. Next for experimentation: honey / olive oil heated hair mask.


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