seasoned soil & fresh greens

House Salad at Kamp's.  Greens, nuts, veggies, feta.  It's the cheapest lunch for the most fullness of tummy I've yet found downtown.   And I was hungry come 6 o' clock this evening, meaning the portion size was impeccably precise.  Success.

Energy has been abundant as of late.  I hate going to bed.  There's too much to read, too many places to go, too many versions of Caffe Americano out there to taste test and critique, young in the coffee-critic game though I am (still so many brewing methods to master knowledge of).  Luckily, coffee after 6pm just doesn't sit with me pleasantly, so the ventures are limited to mornings.  I can't even think of everything I want to write tonight, but there's just too much.  Of that I am sure.

A camping trip will be underway two weekends from now.  I will say that I am more than stoked about this.  Longings for the next day I'd be in a tent on a cold, hard ground...bundled in a sweatshirt, socks and sleeping bag with the rain fly off, staring at the everclear stars...  Don't even get me started on the ash-laden s'mores.  Don't.  Even.  Very grateful am I for the invite, and think this just may be the best weekend of the year thus far.

So many incredible conversations happening around me right now...the most prominent of which are 1) a reenactment of a Coachella journey, and 2) the virtues of making films that win awards at festivals.  Cuppies & Joe is not to be underestimated in the realm of intensely-put-forth conversations.


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