there is no mathematics to love and loss

Cost of good manufactured vs. cost of good sold. My fiance knows everything that those two terms mean. Maybe he'll explain them to me for the thirty-seventh time. Economics is, of a certainty, the most important class I'll be auditing regarding the running of a business. I don't know why everyone doesn't think this way in their collegiate endeavors. Knowing how to see the signs of the times has just got to be the quintessential skill in staying ahead of the game / competition, saying nothing to merely staying afloat.

My sister and I had an intriguing time on Friday night. I swear I have no idea how we live in the same city and don't chat more than twice every three months. Reminiscing over movie habits and strange impersonation talents, I realized I'm more comfortable with her than anyone, excepting my lover, but even that is a close contest. Whatever/whomever has inspired me to return to being sociable, I thank you. I'd forgotten what I was missing.

Red velvet + cheesecake + coconut = a decadent mixture of frozen yogurt flavors, in case there was any question. This will become a habit if I don't curb myself.

Being unplugged from one's electronic devices is a marvelous antidote for the "time flies so quickly" blues. It's nice to leave the phone at home, the way it used to be.

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+hotel points

+indie films


+kettle corn

+a black eye

+lemon-scented furniture polish


Anonymous said...

Math is power! Truth is eternal!

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