new hair and a popped collar

Feeling today a bit like Eva Green in my pinned-up hair that could now pass for a bobcut. Images of her character, Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale, come to mind with my black wool collar popped. All I need now is a little smoky-dark eyeshadow, some racy black stilettos, and for my medium-length pea coat to turn into a full-length trench. Her style in that film was simultaneously breath-taking and simple, up to the point she wore the incredible evening gown, which could hardly be described as simple. Just goes to show that the way you wear an item largely rivals the importance of the specific item itself.

“Who is Edie Sedgwick?” <-- (title of my most recent miniature person-study [not to be confused as "miniature-person study"])

Loverboy is an anglophile, through and through.

In picking up the mail today, my arms already quite full of bags and creamed Earl Grey, a seemingly elderly chap in a (grey) plaid jacket offered to hold my tea while I unloaded the post office box, all the while warning me of his temptation to steal a sip. His adorable pretended gulping and swallowing sounds have definitely been the highest-light of my day yet.

As it turns out, Brazilian folks have access to cashew fruit juice, and apparently enjoy it very much. I didn’t even know cashew trees grew a juice-able fruit! A friend in the area tells me it’s his favorite.

I am very much looking forward to a lecture on quantum time-flow, physics, and theology this evening. Can’t wait to see Lover in full-on teacher mode, not to mention experience the buzzing of thought as students question, counter-question, and expound on the topics. Boy, he loves what he does. *enamored sigh* I love that he loves it, which makes up for all the parts I don’t understand about the subjects (I naturally gravitate toward colors, rather than numbers). Watching him in his element is truly a sight for sore eyes and hearts.

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+time with loved ones is not to last forever – as the clock ticks, we’ll never have more time to spend together than we do right now.

+blinkety-blank goes the cell phone! almost time to get a new one, I fear…

+Seattle’s Best coffee brand
+grasping for the unknown


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