grit; resolve

Ready for this thing. I need Instagram. Or another such something. A camera would do just as well.

For a good while now, faith [and the active pursuit thereof] has proved a difficult endeavor. But I'm definitely finished looking backward, finished trying to find the precise point where the ship went "off course". No. Instead, I defiantly attribute the last 15 months' seeming "dry season" to be just that :: a season. And killing myself over having a season hasn't been very effective in my new pursuit of pursuit of faith. That is over and done with. I start here & now. This is the same journey I started on when I was 12. I think it's time for me to embrace the fact that it doesn't look like any journey I've ever heard of. <-- That means the journey is mine for the taking and making, which relieves me a little.

Wanderlust has seeped in again...no more procrastinating. Money is money, and there's always more. There is ALWAYS more. The trouble of travel, though, is the need to share the experience with humans. With the fiance in a bit of a debacle with no set end-date, can't really count on his availability. If I really want to have faith, I could just purchase my ticket and wait...see if a miracle happens and obliterates the chains right off of him. As a first plan of action, however, it would appear that I require another traveling buddy (or 3). The destinations on the "potentials" list include (in no particular order):
a) New Zealand
b) Ireland
c) Sweden
d) good ol' Londontown
If interested, please respond.

I'll be writing about Valentine's Day shortly; there's conniving to do in the meantime.

| words for today |
+locate traveling buddy(ies)
+romance in the unlikeliest of places
+v-day still burns in my memory like a perpetual hot coal
+research places
+for the making & taking, my faith is mine.
+definitely need a best red bright lipstick
+handmade jewelry :: donated
+water for elephants


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