doppio espresso, on the house!

House-brewed doppio espresso. I can't soak in enough of this soft apartment lighting. Creating my own golden haze is a task well-suited to me. Bearing and birthing beauty is my life's calling. More on that later...still percolating.

Speaking of beauty, view these of the Drisco in SF, CA:

Read below - why you (apparently) should stay at the Drisco:

None of the photos above are mine, but there's no reason I can't have some just like them someday. The Drisco has smoked salmon and brie on the weekends, 'round-the-clock breakfast, and bicycles you can borrow. THEY HAVE A PILLOW MENU.

I've never been to California, but am told it's a whole other world. Which reminds me of Aladdin taking Jasmine on the ride of her life, which never gets old, of course.


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