camping imagery

Here are the promised images of the who-what-where of my illustrious trip to the "mountains" a couple weekends ago. (All photographs were taken with an iPhone 3G. Because that's what I have.)

Upon arrival: mist, 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and blustery gusts. We found a site right over the lake, which was marvelous. Setting up camp and building a roaring fire in that weather was rather fun, and less daunting than it might have been without indomitable spirits at the ready.

These are the remains of a turtle: his left hand (or foot) and several chunks of his shell.

This lovely lady, A, was my expedition partner and photographer extraordinaire.



This is where we cooked our meals: on a flat stone in the fire pit. See how the sparks fly? That's chili in the pot, there. We made coffee here, as well. That coffee was to die for. The s'mores were beyond anything I've ever tasted, with Scandinavian ginger thins and dark, dark chocolate with NIBS. Restaurants need to offer gourmet s'mores as a dessert option.

The fire was a lot more orange-gold than this. Blame the iPhone.

Morning. This was after the animal incident at 3am. We think it was a raccoon, but got prepared to pepper-spray a bear in the face, just to be on the safe side. He probably just wanted to get in on the green apple riesling, poor thing. Notice the glistening lake, there in the background. That was glorious.

Breakfast was Scottish oats with blueberry preserves, trail mix, and that darker-than-dark coffee I was telling you about. Also, s'mores.

I loved how many different kinds of moss and lichen we found. Such colors.

We climbed a nice "mountain" and sat there and wrote for a while.

Then we found a cave.

Here's that golden haze. Found it.

Apologies, Mr. Badger or Miss Lizard-Mom, or whoever owns this cave. You've got a great place; we enjoyed our stay.



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