le singe et la musique

"I want to make sure Eden doesn't have to take care of the monkey."

"Monkey" is my boss' word for law library maintenance responsibility. He knows it is bogging me down and keeping me from doing my main/primary job of manning the post up front. I feel so understood as he explains to the rest of them that, whatever the solution, it needs to be out of Eden's hair (this is a feeling I've not experienced for a good while).

But now that he refers to it as a monkey, I am somehow endeared to it, as if it's a rambunctious pet that I've lost patience with and given up on. I'd love to care for a monkey, like you wouldn't believe. Alas, this is not a zoo, and I am not a zoo-keeper.

I'm relieved not to be responsible for the monster anymore. Now, I love libraries, do NOT get that bit wrong. But maintaining a law library is such a left-brained ordeal, and I am such a right-brained being. It's enough to make one's head fairly implode, if I may say so. Bittersweet partings. Not really.

Orchestral vibrations made the Devon lobby tremble at lunch today. Those strings, oh - those magnificent hums...they sewed themselves into my senses like threads of varying size. Some were fine and slippery, others were thick-coarse-gritty. The cello solo hit me the hardest. It's the instrument I'm learning next.

There were tears, though I'm not sure if anyone else had them. You know that feeling when someone grabs your hand and runs, out of the blue? You lose your balance and are swept away, with no mind of your own for a moment. That is what the music did to me.

The oyster roll is TONIGHT. Sushi roll, I mean. It has red snapper inside, too. "Red Snapper" is fun to say. So is "Oyster", which is also fun to write. I get to say both tonight.

On a completely random note (and in preparation for the next blog post): I've discovered a few places where the color and texture seems to yank the creativity in my soul right out into the open in manifestations of all kinds. This knowledge is revolutionary.


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