juicy bits and pieces of my incredibly enviable life lately

- A sweatshirt can be incredibly tasteful in the workplace. It only needs to have quality material in it makeup (cotton/cashmere blend is easy maintenance and holds shape in the loveliest loose way you can think). Just position one atop a clean-lines black pencil skirt, add jamming glitterful earrings, subtly-coloured tights and a pointed flat or a nice nude pump. There you have it. My new go-to ensemble for the daily grind. Mixing the colors has been a blast.
- I made semi-sweet chocolate bark. There were rows of it, laden with crystallized ginger, pistachios, dried apricots, and raw almonds. The pistachio was the biggest hit, but I say the ginger was the most marvelous.
- Someone gave me an assignment at work: to find a receipt book. The giver of the assignment was the opposite of picky-choosy, so I took that responsibility upon myself. Since there was not a single one to be found from our regular office product supplier that had an acceptable font choice, I chose one with a warm herringbone print in the background. It looks like a knitted sweater. It will be the best.
- Everyone is complimenting the new desk lamp. I'm just ecstatic no one is telling me to take it down, that it's "interfering with the uniformity" of it all. Pooh, you.
- Liverpool Rummy. I've learned how to play ruthlessly, but I don't like to do it.
- Scones were to be had in abundance over these chopped-up holidays. Bucketfuls. The honeyed grapefruit ones with the Greek yogurt and oatmeal took a chunk of my thumb knuckle as a sacrifice for my trespass of bringing about their image to the tangible world again. I still think it is a small price to pay, considering their lusciousness. There is a little crater in my finger now. Fond memories of a breakfast treasure I will never cease to respect. The white cheddar, black pepper scones served well as a savory option, and you should definitely follow their advice to enjoy them with honey.
-  Els Enfarinats: Where every year, on the 28th of December, Spaniards traditionally play pranks at Ibi in Alicante, eastern Spain. A group known as the Enfarinats take over the 'civil power' in the town, and battle each other with eggs and flour. (image via the Wall Street Journal)


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