3 emotionally-traumatizing things in 1 morning

This morning was just too much. Waking up emotionally-charged and on edge, whether from last night's dream or from some happenings earlier in the week, the following three experiences fairly sent me hurtling toward despondency. They made me want to bury myself into my blanket and cry. How alarming.

1. The stove blew up. There was a flash like lightning in the room and a sizzling sound, followed by electrical smoke and opened windows. Someone nearly got killed by a tired kitchen appliance.
2. I spilled my favorite coffee all over the bus floor. I hadn't even gotten to take a sip yet. Tragical.
3. Writhing slowly on the sidewalk was a bat, wings outstretched and shivering. It was dying, I assumed. Tears flowed quite promptly. L moved the poor thing to a nearby bush branch and out of the way of careless steps. It barked. Probably in fear at first, but then in gratefulness.

So much pain and danger in the world... it's enough to make one dizzy. Times like these make me glad for steadiness, a beating heart's rhythm, and a petite flask of honey whiskey.


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