scotch eggs and punsch, what?

On the 24th of last month, I took a very last-minute flight up to New York City to see my Lawrence, who was in the area for work.

We went to The Dead Rabbit. Great story behind that place. They're a grocery and a grog, which is twice as nice.

Scotch eggs had been on my list for almost a year, so when I saw them on the Taproom's menu, my decision required no thought. It came with its own mini jar of Colman's Mustard, which is a lot of Colman's mustard, I would quickly learn. You don't know what real mustard is until you've tried it. And that's no lie.

I paired the egg with Swedish Punsch, which was probably highly irregular. Most Brits probably order beer with theirs. But cocktails are my weakness, so I couldn't resist this concoction:

Batavia Arrack Van Oosten, lemon sherbet, lemon juice, ginger, Lapsang Souchong tea.

Scotch eggs remind me of The River Thames, because at some point I wrote a bucket list item that involved both the eggs and the river. Then that got me thinking about The Man Who Was Thursday, because The River Thames plays a decent role in the story - it's part of the backdrop for an incredibly intense conversation about philosophy and the nature of man. So these were recurring streams of consciousness as I ate and drank, interrupted violently by spicy mustard shocks.

I forgot my pipe. BLAST.


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