that place between dreaming and waking up

i feel my body move
the haze start to lift
like waking from a crash
my instincts primitive
so full of gratefulness
in disbelief
at the connectedness
my eyes finally see

i cannot believe my eyes
i am alive
i survived
the accidental pioneer
oh, i can explain how i got to the ledge
the mystery is


soft light

a right mind
things you can become nostalgic for
full lungs
things i feel i've never felt before

a soft touch
a deep cut
things that can restore your sanity

now all my questions have found their answer

i closed my eyes
i felt no pain
i wished i could
be born again
to my surprise i woke to find it done

thank you, derek webb, for the precious elocution. today i know the glory of being awake, and tomorrow i will wake up again.


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