the mattress incident & mulled wine 101

I am exercising (on purpose) again. It started Sunday. I feel more tired today than I have in months. This should probably be attributed to my contracting Mononucleosis last September. They say you can remain in a state of fatigue for up to a year after. And since this was the first actual workout since returning to work at the end of October, I guess I understand this dragging. But it's horrid.

In case you hadn't heard about THE MATTRESS INCIDENT, lemme 'splain: Normal mattresses tend to be expensive, as are bed frames. I slept on an air mattress for about a year. It grew a tumor (don't ask). I slept on a pallet on the floor, alternated with an army-style cot. My back liked the floor better. This was all fine and dandy.

On the way home from brunch one day (I was supposed to be going the opposite direction), there was a sign about an estate sale happening at that very moment. So I stopped to peek inside, because everyone's got to go to their first-ever estate sale sometime or another. Most of the nice things had been bought already, particularly a staggeringly-vibrant velvet emerald green vintage sofa with carved wooden scrollwork in the arms and back that I still swoon over when I think of it. I did find a little French lidded pot with the words “Herbes de Provence” hand-painted on the front (English version on back), as well as a set of small wine glasses.  

Here is the small pot.

But the biggest find was in the upstairs bedroom: a white poster bed complete with like-new pillow-top mattress set AND crisp cotton sheets. $180.00 for the lot of it, folks. Needless to say, it came home with me. Some extremely kind gents at the sale decided to help with the loading process, which ended up involving me on the outside of the car, riding on the running board with one hand on the mattress/boxsprings and the other hand gripping something inside the car so I wouldn't fall off. My fiance drove, which was nice. We got a lot of smiles and cheering honks and thumbs-ups on that ride. I felt adventurous.

Here is me, learning how to make kofta and cucumber-mint sauce, in my new bed.

A funny thing that happened while inspecting the bed for breaks and creaks is that, upon shaking the thing, a sharp camping knife fell out of the slats underneath. I asked the sale lady if it came with the bed, and she said it did. I've already cut myself nicely on the knife, and now have zero doubts about its ability to assist me in the wild on my next outdoor exploit. Tally ho!

Lately at the Paramount, they've been showing some pretty great films. Skyfall, for whatever reason, was their choice for a Thursday night last week. I'm so glad they chose it because espionage and Judi Dench and Scotland prairie fog and Q, but there is no rhyme or reason whatsoever in the decision.

I'm going to work out again tonight, and then rest tomorrow. You feel the pain worse the second day after, not the first. So grinning-and-bearing it, then Tuesday will be restful. Also tonight - my first attempt at mulled wine. There will be fine cheese. And scones. And some old film. A party of my own. 


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