a sea-farer i may be

Of note today >>

1. To Sea: I just may have found the ship for sailing to Europe on this summer. Ports of call include a) Miami, FL; b) Ponta Delgada, Portugal; c) Cobh (Cork), Ireland; d) Le Havre (Paris), France; e) Southampton (London), England. After landing in London, it'll be a few days of traipsing about, sampling wines and beers, and people-watching our hearts out until we fly back to the States. The trick now is securing accommodations while in London and a decently-priced flight home.

2. Pattern-Shuffle Tuesday: tablecloth blue/white plaid button-down on top of a black skirt with white tribal pictures, and set with patent black wedge sandals. There is also an unmentionable that I took for a test run all day today. In order to maintain some level of personal propriety, let me just say this: All my doubts are removed as to the workability and comfortability of this extraordinary little luxury.

3. Deferred Pleasure: I will have to wait a little longer for a lunch-date with a friend with whom I am longing to catch up on life. I tend to think that the delay will only increase my anticipation to chat with this lady; there is so much to discuss; the suspense is terribly exhilarating.

4. O Mirror, Where Art Thou? Hopefully in the back of an obliging chap's truck. He said he would give it to me for a hundred -- a 7'x3' beauty. It will have its own wall, all to itself.


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